Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1k Fpp's

Hi, i have been busy playing cash games FL100 (Fixed Limit Holdem 0.50/1 stakes). I am on a upswing this week, playing very well FL100 game. I will post July results on this weekend with a graphic.

I hit the 1000 Fpp's today, i am happy. I have to work hard to put more hands and to play better.

I also have joined (another) poker community and i created my blog there, you can checkout on cardlovers site, on the blog menu. I will keep up with both blogs, this is my main blog but i am enjoying writing there too. It is a cool site and i recommended to every poker player.

Check-out Phil Ivey interview here on cardlovers site.

For now, that's all, will post soon the July perfomance and August goals.

Good luck and Skill.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Feedback

Overall Stats:
927.76 - FPP's (+111.25)
299.76 - VPP's July

Ending another week, and a better week to take out some conclusions. I mixed some games this week to figure out the best method to build Fpp's and make some money or at least break even.

I tried NL25 but i am not rolled for that and i could not make it there. Then i move to NL10 but it builds very slow the Fpp's, i even did some multitabling but stills slow and the win rate decreased.
I even thought about the DoN (Double or Nothing SNG's) but they have a lower profit and very hard to build Fpp's at lower stakes.

Finally i moved to best choice (at least right now) the shorthand (6 Max. Players) FL100 (Fixed Limit at $0.50/$1). "Touche", i think i got it! I made some profit and i made huge Fpp's!
Fixed Limits games are less rewarding than No Limit games but they also are less risk. So i moved from micro stakes to lower stakes at Fixed Limit and i played only one table the whole weekend. I am happy with this kind of cash games and i can seriously consider silverstatus very soon. Just today i made 40 Fpp's in about 2 hours of one single table.
The image below was the best session i have this week i ended up with 20BB/100 !

I made more 111 Fpp's than the week before. I do not know how many hands i played this week but i will start to check out this information.

By the way, here is the link to a thread that i posted on one forum (i am the ptpokeredge) and the inspiring response that i received by the moderator:

See you guys at the tables!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Week 3

I ended this week (from friday until today) with a downswing on results. I have been down on cash games (NL10) and even my SNG are also poor. I ended right now one on the bubble after being on the first place a few hands before. Anyway, this is poker and downswings are common to all serious players.

I made some good points this week, and i will begin to register my cash points (FPPs) and VIP points (VPPs) on a weekly base. I am assuming silverstar this year and gold for the next year. I am also going for the next level on cash games, NL25 until the end of the year.

816.51 - FPPs
188.51 - Vpps July

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July results so far

We reach middle of July Month and i must say that i am very happy with my results on cash games and SNG. I am playing NL10 cash games and i am making profit almost every session. Yesterday i multitable 2 cash games sessions and it was a good performance. I am playing on 6 players max tables on cash games and i must say that i am crushing already this level. Thinking on moving up to NL25 on August or September.

SNG are also rewarding my efforts, i just finished 1st yesterday and on Monday i was second, i am playing $1.20 9 players SNG. I think i am also crushing these ones too. I am only moving to the next level on SNG when my bankroll afford it, I am following the 2% rule.

Here are some stats from SNG, they are all from July. The buy in is how much i paid to play, the entrants are the number of players on the tournament, the rank is my final place on the tournament , and the prize that i won.

These are some results for July but of course on the next month i will post more stats about July. So far i can say that is the best month i am having.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Low volume play on weekend

This weekend i went to do a lot of family stuff things and i played less poker. I only hit cash games for a small profit. On the end of the month i will post the total hands played on cash games this month and the total profit and vpps made. I am uploading my cash games sessions on this site so i can overview my plays.
I am also studing on some forums optimial strategy for cash games. I still have Harrington book on hold.
I am expecting to have at least 4 hours of cash games this week (until Friday) and i am going for the first time to try to play early in the morning on saturday and sunday. I will try to get $100 profit on NL10 cash games in the end of the month, let's see, i already made $40 in profit not much but i am not playing many hours.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crushing cash games

Today i played one SNG of 9 players and i ended in 2nd place. I started a very tight game and then i had some good hands, like two sets and straight. It was played very well, on Heads up my JJ lost for a KQo, the Q came out on the river.

After one losing session of cash games (i lost $5), i am right now crushing again this 6 players table at NL10 (i made $10 profit already). This HAND was the most profitable on this session.

Very soon, I am going to climb the vip status on stars by playing 6 max. players on cash games and multitabling. I will do that when my bankroll is properly setup for that, playing on NL25 stakes.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Good Cash Session

I know, i writed on another post that i would not play any cash games this month but i could not resist so i played but... i am playing only 6 Max players cash games. The advantage is that more flops are played, so more vpps and fpps i make even if i not play that hand.
I am not pursuing any vip status this month (unless i have a big boost on my bankroll), and i am still focused to play SNG and some Mtts this month.
I am playing ocasionally cash games (i am not muiltitabling for now) on NL10. Today i made a $20 profit.
These were my best 2 hands tonight:
My Straight vs Trips:
My Quads vs Middle Pair:

I also played one SNG but i lost early.

June Stats

We are on July but i want to post some stats of June so i can compare with July.
MTT's stats:
SNG stats:

Cash games stats i do not have right now, but i guarantee that i was negative because i tried the NL100 and NL200 and i was not rolled for that, it was just a test.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Relax and Take Your Time...

Take your time, don't hurry up in being the best. Relax, learn and practice and you will get there. The quitter never wins, the winner never quits.

Poker it could be learned in minutes, but you could take a life to master. Take your time. This is a long journey with some milestones: improve your poker game, build your bankroll, improve your character as a person.

This is a story of a lonely player that begins with nothing but some dollars to play and a strong will to take this world, to be the best he can be.

In the end, besides all the money, all the game improvements, the true is that this serious poker player, the one that is chasing the improvements in his game day after day, felt something special.

After all this years of commitement, of joy and play, he found out that the best he could take from poker was his personality, his character has improved he has become a better player, a better man (or woman).

This player could be one of us if we put the effort, the guts, the brain and the heart in this game that give us joy and fullfilment in our soul.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

July Goals Preview

Tournaments vs Cash Games

This month i will only play Tournaments (whatever will be SNG or MTT's), and not Cash Games. In the past 3 months i have played more cash games than tournaments. In fact, i made and lost more money on cash games than tournaments. But since i am not pursuing Supernova this year, i will not play many cash games this year. I need to improve my overall game and SNG ant MTT's are the place for improvements.

Goals for July
I will play most of the tournaments on weekend, some will be SNG of 9 players, others will be SNG of 90 players. I will also and ocasionally play the 7,5k ($7500 prize pool) GTD on Saturdays. I want to have a better ROI this month.
On weekdays i will study poker to improve the game. So, i want to finish studying the (classic) book: Harrington on Holdem - Vol.1
By the way, there is a brand new book from Phil Hellmuth: Deal me in.

That is how is going to be July, no cash games only tournaments. Less play but more study on poker. My long term goal for the year is to increase my bankroll so i can pursuit the Supernova VIP status.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Overall performance in June

For the newcomers: i only begin playing poker this year on March.

Last month i started with a goal and i ended up with another one!
On the last 2 weeks of June i played some MTTs and i reached ITM in a few. You can check out my status at OPR, still negative ROI but i am working out to improve my game.

I will post later my goals for this month in another post.
Supernova is a long term goal that i cannot afford to reach right now. Maybe on 2011, let's see.

Last month i made 404 vpps. That was my overall best vvps made in one month.
I was on holidays the last two weeks of june.

I had a poor performance at cash tables in NL50 and NL100 last month. Will publish some stats soon.

Here are the stats for Multitable Tournaments June 2009:
OPR Stats:
ROI: -23%
Prizes: $65
ABI (Average Buy In): $2.06
AFS (Average Field Size): 2396
ITM (In The Money): 8/41 (20%)

Bluff Magazine Stats:
Winnings: $52.91
Largest Cash: $16.03
Average Cash: $8.82
Average Finish: 36/100
AFS: 4283
Cashes: 28.57%

Bluff Overall Rank: 45.5 Pts (Bronze)