Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Thoughts

I will not play any game today, I am going, (with my wife and son), to my father-in-law house to dinner and we will spend the all  night there. I have Internet and a laptop there, if I awake up early tomorrow morning, I will probably start my 2012 grind in the morning.

I played more cash games hands this month than any month of the year, I am satisfied about my current game at the tables. The key factor that I miss most of the time during the year was volume. But that is not so bad, because I consider myself a novice player in many areas on Holdem, so not playing many games per day is not a big issue. After all, this is not my job, at least for now.

I consider a 2011 a rich experience in terms of learning but also, somehow, disappointing due to my lack of discipline in grinding one type of game. I will correct this error next month, I may just have corrected because I only played one type of game during this month.

I will put December results on the next post, just leave here a picture of my final VPPs 2011 year.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 Years Of Excellence

There are some things in life that just by saying the name of that "thing", we remember excellent quality, excellent product, excellent guarantee of use, excellent performance, excellent work, excellent ethic.
This apply in many areas in life, take football (or soccer) for example, if you say your favorite team name, you are going to remember something excellent about. Take you car dreams name, it will be the same. You can also think about some people, maybe your closest family members, how excellent they are in your daily life.

The main thing applies to one name of  a "thing" in the world of online poker, Pokerstars.
Yes, Pokerstars to many people, (including me of course), is a sign of excellence. They are excellent in many things. They have an excellent software for online poker, they have an excellent ethic that is the same to all customers, starting from the player that only plays few hands per month to the professional player. They have an excellent reward service in the business that rewards the most volume players. One key factor is listening to the customer and implement new ideias.

They are excellent in many areas, and they are surprising me all the time, every month, every year with little things, like receiving an excellent e-mail from they support to more important things like creating a brand new tourney series (by the way they are going to release next month a new one), or implementing a great promotion or breaking a new world record Guinness.

I play as an amateur player on Pokerstars but I am very proud to play on the one and only, the greatest online poker room, that some people, 10 years ago decided to call, Pokerstars.

Merry Christmas and a happy new 2012 year!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Current Perfomance

Hello, this week I played many hands on full ring NL cash games. Most of my sessions are profitable,  I played 10 sessions this month, I had 2 losing sessions and 1 break even session, so I can complain too much. I played 15950 hands this month. I am enjoying the cash games experience, I am not studying so much as I should, so I am going to concentrate on improving my game last 2 weeks of the month (of course you should always strive to improve your game).
Leave here my current performance for the month.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Month Results

This month I only managed to play on 2 days, one on the 1st of December and today, I will put more work during the next week. I am playing about 1k hands for session. Started the month a little bad, with some ugly spots (those sets are killing my overpairs!), ayway it's all part of the game. Played about 4k hands this month, leave here the current performance. Will try to update every week, stay tuned!