Friday, December 14, 2012

Sits Scenario

There is a strong possibility that I will start grinding SNG's next month. If I choose this way I will put cash games on hold (again) and give another try on sits. I have purchased some new material to study the game, so I will put an effort to get better and improve my game. I will talk about this next month, when I post my 2012 results.
Good luck at the tables!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Welcome Back

Hi, sorry for the missing update post during this time. Overall been more busy outside of the tables due to family happy stuff and also been more involved in group activities on the gym. Anyway, I am playing poker on my free time and taking serious steps to become a business in the long term. My main concern has been the kind of games that I should play (cash games over sits, type os sits, ...).

Back To Basics
Well, after reviewing some sessions I figured out that I should better play cash games, I feel that my edge here (at the micros for now) is higher and I can manage better my sessions. I have more flexibility to sit out and leave a session during a cash game session. On sits I have to play them until I am finished. This is why I haven't played any MTT (Big Tournaments) lately.

Very soon I will post 2012 cash games results and some goals for the 1st trimester of 2013, see you soon!