Monday, July 26, 2010

WSOP 2010: Congratulations!

First of all, I congratulate all the great poker players who made ITM at the WSOP 2010. For all nations in the world, a sincere word of kind to all good players.

Because I am portuguese I want to give a special attention to Portuguese players.
Portuguese Poker Players were in great shape during the WSOP 2010. We had 21 ITM Portuguese Players and some great performances by some players.
The Events: #42, #49, #54, #56 and of course the Main Event, were all played by a lot of players and there were some very good portuguese players who made ITM.
On the Main Event we had a 175th Place, history was made once again on the portuguese poker book.

I am sure that in next years to come there will be Final Tables and bracelets to portuguese poker players. I am also sure that we are going to have a portuguese player at the November Nine and probably a World Champion (who knows?).

Congratulations to all players and specially portuguese poker players on the WSOP.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week Feedback

July is my best 9 Man SNG month of the year, I played only 68 SNG's of $3.40 buy-in and I have a 30% ROI. Last month I finished with a 14% ROI in 115 games, I think I can end this month above 20%.

I am considering in moving to the $5.50 buy-in level next month to make more profit and maintain my sng strategy. I will have to adapt to new players and I am sure they will also adapt to my play. It is not the first time I play the $5.50 SNG games, but it will be the first time I will grind this buy-in level.

You see, there is a difference in between playing, "take a shot" on a type of game and grinding a type of game. To me grinding is playing a lot, put really awesome volume on only that type of game (or buy-in level).

So my transition will be definitive but I have some loss lines. The same way I am moving up to play another buy-in (according to my bankroll and skill), I am also willing to move down if I sense that I do not have the skill to play there or I lose some buy-ins on that level.

Bankroll Management is the key on moving up and moving down on buy-in levels and is the fundamental to preserve you as a skilful and excellent player.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mid July Feedback

SNG Strategy

I returned to the 9 Man non-turbos SNG games, the $3.40 buy in games. I was grinding profitable the $1 turbo 9 man SNG, but I had less $$$ in return so I decided to move on to my beach, the non turbo 9 Man.

I played this month 23 games of $3.40 9 Man SNG, I have righ now and only for this month a ROI of 51%. I am very satisfied with results so far and I will keep my grind on these games and try to move on to the $5.50 next month. If I count with last month, I have a overall ROI of 12% on the $3.40 SNG.

I am working to end this year grinding the $11 non turbo 9 Man SNG. I can only dream with Supernova next year if I end the year playing the $22, but I am not sure if I can speed up my progress to that buy in level until the end of the year.

See you at the tables!

Monday, July 05, 2010

June Performance with a Picture

June overall I played different kind of games and that behaviour had consequences to my ROI. I did not played any big MTT so June was more of a SNG grind. I had never played so much in my entire poker career!

Total games played (all-types of SNG and MTT's): 234 games.

Now lets check out the overall numbers. I did not put the 18 Man SNG on the next picture but I had a net loss of ($22.25).

In overall I can see that I am growing as a SNG player, specially on the 9 Man tables. I had some suck-outs and coolers on some games and only because of that I did not have even better profit.

I am trying to move on to the 9 Man turbos instead of moving up limits on the regular ones. I have almost 200 buy ins for the $3.40 regular SNG's and I have good results on them, but instead of grinding them, I decided to move down in limits and play the 1€ 9 Man Turbos this month.

My goal is to try to grind the $6.50 9 Man Turbos next month or at least on September. Because I like to multitable, I cannot stand to multitable the $6.50 right now, I need more roll for that.
I am going to improve my performance on the Turbos by studying the game and grind the games.

Right now this month, i played 25 games of the Turbos with a ROI of 10.8%. I am multitabling 6 tables at the same time, I just finished a positive session a few minutes ago. If I count with past month, I have about 33 games with a total ROI of 23.2%.

Stay tuned for more updates, I see you at the tables on the one and only Pokerstars!