Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Semestre and July Update

Hi, today I will show my performance on a quarterly (year) measure. Last year I have on my database the 2011 QIV, witch means, the last 3 months of 2011. Last year I only played NL2.

Global Perfomance
This year I played NL2 in January and started NL5 on February continued on March, and ended in April where I have a downswing and I did some cash outs during that month. Those two factors combined result in my downward and return to NL2. This month I played mostly NL2 but also some NL5 hands.

As a poker player, I know this is a game with a high variance and only in the long run, the math will even it’self out, so the skill will be predominant in the long run. Poker is all about making better decisions than your opponent. Volume is the key, when you have a hand that will win 70% of the time, you know that only with volume you can win more times than lose because the odds are in your side.

The 2012 QI (January-March) was fantastic, I crushed the games with a win rate of 7bb/100 at NL2 and NL5 most hands in this time were from NL5. I also put the most volume during this time period, playing over 124K hands.

2012 QII (April-June) was poor in terms of volume and win rate. Played about 55K hands during the 3 months with a negative win rate of  -0,64bb/100. I also decided to voluntary take a break during this time, and had some personal issues in my life to take care.

Current time, QIII (July-August), I consider a coming back on the righ path. Restarted my play at NL2 again and mixed some NL5 during the last days. August will be NL2 with some shoots at NL5.
I want to end September at NL5 games, at least. My goal is to end the yeat at NL10 cash games tables.

I am thinking in dedicating more posts to the mathematical aspects of the game and statistics of the game, like the ones you have on holdem manager for analysing spots, what you think? Leave some comments if you are interested besides my results, I will give some thoughts about it.

Time-Quarterly (Year) Since 2011 until today:

Overall Performance This Month By Stakes:

Today I am analysing some spots in my game and checking some leaks that need to be fixed. This is something that I will start to do more often. 

This month I played some MTT's, made ITM In two of the big fields but nothing big. I played a $1.10 MTT Cap with 1000 players, ended at 46th place. On another of 2135 players finished at 112th position. Played the Micro Millions Main Event but did not made ITM.
I will continue to play some MTT's, they are going to be part of my game plan too. That's it for now, August is one of my favourites months, not so much because of the weather (I enjoy more the cold days) but because it's a more relaxed month and it's my birthday month!

Good luck and skill at the tables!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Month Feedback

What I have been doing? How is the month going?
I have been playing cash games and sits. On the sits side I have been mixing some single table tournaments, short handed, full ring and fifty50. Overall the Fifty50 sits are kind of sits that has the most traffic (I am excluding hyperturbos sits). The fifty's sits are great to generate vpps, they are easy to play and more fun than the old version of DoN's.

Cash games, I love them, sometimes I get frustrated with some hands, but it's where I have better results. I noticed that I can play easily 20 tables of full ring cash games, this is an improvement. Still playing at NL2. I started the month very strong in terms of volume but then I stoped playing cash games for a few days and restarted today.

Overall Cash Games Month Performance:

Played 21435 hands in 10 days during July, is very low volume if I grab the motivation I will try to go for 50k hands this month! I those 10 days sessions I had only one losing day and I am making 6,90 bb/100.