Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Update

Don't forget it but move on
I ended the 18 man SNG turbo grind/coaching. For the coaching point of view I did not make the required number of games in a month and that was the deal. So it was better for me and for the coach to stop right now until I can work out and put a great deal of volume. Nevertheless, I enjoyed very much the coaching experience and learn some things about shoving more on the late game.
I won't forget this experience but I am fresh and released from the last grind and ready to move on to my "beach", the STT normal blinds SNG games.
I am playing 6 man games, enjoying and profiting slowly and steady. I want to move on to the $3 buy-in somewhere next month and play a lot this month. I am not sure if I will be a shorthanded sng player or a full ring sng player, or both, the experience will shape my path.

The 2011 vs 2010 Performance
I know that the sample is short (specially last year), but I could not be more disappointed with my current performance. I have learn more things this year but I am running poor, I identified two main reasons:
- the increase on the number of tables playing per session. Last year I played 6 tables on average, where this year I am playing 12 tables on average.
- the lack of dedication to one type of SNG game. Last year my main game was 9 man SNG (normal blinds). This year I played a few types: 9 man and 6 man (normal blinds), 18 Man (Turbo), 9 Man (Turbo) and Heads-up.
This is the picture that compares both years, one of the filters have SNG+MTT's (Tournaments) from last year.
What's next?
Pick up the skill, shape up the mind, calm down the emotions, study hard and put more volume. Dedication to on type of SNG. I will play occasionally some MTT's but they aren't (for now) my main focus.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

June Recap

June wasn't a good profit month in terms of grinding. I did not improved my game on the first weeks of June and the lack of focus in one dedicated area of game was bad. I played some cash games and SNG's. In terms of volume was nice, I made Silverstar twice by making more than 1900 vpps, not enough for GoldStar (3000 vpps).

As for cash games, well I just grinded all the way and ended up losing in some spots that I shouldn' bet more and lost in another spots where I was favorite to win. I think my main leak on cash games is the lack of knowledge and the way to deal in some spots. I think cash games are long term ev+ and is an area that I will probably return to them in the future. For now I decided to take a grinding cash games break.
I am focusing my next 5000 games on 18 Man Turbos SNG. This is because I am taking coaching on this area with another players. I just started on the last week of June so the results should come out very soon.

June Overall SNG's Graph:

There was a type of SNG that I made profit in the end, the 6 Man (Normal Blinds). I just played the micro stakes on them and I think they are very soft. Besides being profitable on them, for now I will improve and grind the 18 Man Turbo SNG.

June 2 types of SNG games results:

July is here, so lets' go get them and make a good month.