Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mid Month Feedback

Middle of the month, I think this is a good time to give some feedback.

What I have been doing? Well, I have been playing cash games, full ring no limit holdem to be more precisely. I am more disciplined than ever and I will be playing only one type of game. Of course, once and a while I will play some tournament, but my main game is full ring cash games.

I have faced one major downswing (you can check on my graph below), and another one more recently. I was going to put the toilet on the floor during my major downswing but I thought to myself that these swings are normal and if I want to be good on this I have to deal with the swings and keep going. I learned during the process.

Anyway, this month is going positive, I have already won more that the last month, and getting close to November profit. I have made more profit during the last 2 months than the last year. I think I more suited to cash games than sits games. Here is the current month graph.

Total hands: 15409 for a 12.82 bb/100.

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