Monday, March 25, 2013

Team Online Documentary

I would like to share the video about a professional portuguese player, Andre Coimbra. Who is a member of Pokerstars team online. Pokerstars is the best online room to play poker. I wouldn't mind to grind some games right now! Enjoy it!

Pokerstars Video

Monday, March 04, 2013

The Post

Hi, I haven't posted anything here since January because I am not playing poker nowadays. I have made the decision on January, after the "reveillon". I am pursuing another goals that are more rewarding for me in terms of personal development than poker.

Anyway, poker gave to me some valuable "tools", I learned a lot about many different things that go beyond the tables, like bankroll management, emotional discipline, expected value, and so on.
Those things are very valuable and essential.

My poker career was positive, and I am not saying that I will never play again, far from it. Probably will play occasionally but right now i am not playing like a routine thing, I am not motivated for that,  my last hand of poker was played in January.

I am seeking new challenges and the experience that I received with poker is an valuable asset to me so I can reach my goals. In my point of view, my new activities have less variance and less time consuming than poker, so I can enjoy more time with my family and they can be more profitable either.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I am not closing it but I for now I will no write anything at all. In the future I will see if I change the blog, close it or something else.

I want to thank you all for reading my poker blog, this post was something that I wanted to do a long time ago for you. If you guys enjoy poker, continue to play, it is a very interesting game and who knows, probably in the future we will meet at the tables in some live event.